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For Examples,
1. Symposium
• OnSite Programming Contest
• Paper Presentation
• Reverse Coding
• Debugging
• DB master
• Code Obfuscation
• Street Coding
• Web Designing
• Coffee With Java
• Online Programming Contest

Non Tech:
• Photography
• IPL auction
• Treasure Hunt
• Math-o-mania
• General Quiz

For Examples,
2. Workshops
• Embedded systems
• Computer vision and Machine learning
• Labview
• Industrial Automation

For Examples,
3. Paper Presentation Topics
• Strategic business alliances
• Creating equal opportunities of employment for inclusiveness
• Global Uncertainty
• Poverty & Human development in India
• Behavioural Finance
• Inclusive growth – challenges and opportunities

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Staff Coordinators:
Vijay.K - 91112221125
Manisha.V - 91212441125

Student Coordinators:
Priya.B.P - 91112322125
Aisha.M - 91112441125

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• Accommodation will be provided
• Accommodation is not available
• Accommodation will be provided for outstation participant for Rs 200/day
• Specify if any other else

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• Interested Candidates can register this Event through a Event Website Link Provided.
• Interested Candidates can Register this Event through a Call or Email ID Provided.
• Interested Candidates must apply this Event only through a Email ID Provided.
• Interested Candidates may Register this Event on the Spot as well as Call or Email
• Specify if any other else as per your needs.

As per your needs enter the fees details Team Suggestions : Enter the Events list with Price tag. Because it will be useful for users (candidates) those who need to register their required events.

For Examples,
• Only Registration fees is enough for all Events (Rs. 750 per person)
• Paper Presentation fees (Rs. 500 per person)
• Workshop fees (Rs. 500 per person)

For Examples 2 : Based of Candidates Type - Registration fees
• Students /Scholars: Rs. 750
• Academicians : Rs. 1000
• Foreign Delegates Rs. 850
• Rs.Industrial Participants/Other Labs : Rs. 1500

For Examples 3 : Registration fees is Rs. 500 per person.
• Specify if any other else as per your needs.

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Additional Information Includes
How to Submit Events (Papers Presention, Projects, Short film & etc.) for Reviews/Selection

For Examples,
Send your Paper to - [email protected] on or before dd-mm-yyyy
Project, Short Film & Photos to - [email protected] on or before dd-mm-yyyy

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